The TIN Provider tab allows you to adjust your TIN settings and Retainage settings.

  1. To start using Mekorma Vendor Validation’s TIN Check, ensure that the check mark next to Active is checked. This means that TIN Check is turned on. If unchecked, no TIN Checks or updates will be performed.
  1. Click the drop-down arrow to select which Vendor TIN Account Name you have associated with your vendor record. Acumatica has more than one location for a vendor’s name so we allow you to configure which one to use with the IRS.
    • Use Vendor Account Name is the default name of the vendor
    • Use Remit To Account Name will pull the name from the Remit To location and use that account name as the IRS legal name
    • Use Ship From Account Name will pull from the Ship From location and use that account name as the IRS legal name

  1. TIN Hours Suspended is a non-editable field. If you submit the same TIN name with three different numbers (or vice versa), the IRS will view this as a Phishing attempt and suspend your account for 96 hours.
  1. Check the box next to Apply Retainage To Vendor to apply retainage. This is required by the IRS for vendors who do not have a matched TIN record.
    • This must be applied for any vendor who fails the TIN Match and is a 1099 vendor
  2. Click the search icon to the right of the Retainage Payable Account field. This will open a window to select a specific account to apply retainage to.
  1. Once you have selected an account to apply retainage to, choose the retainage percentage you would like Mekorma to hold back.
    • Mekorma defaults to 26%
  2. Provider Information shows if you have a valid subscription and the end date.
  3. Use the arrow on the right-hand side of Provider Information to show or hide these settings.
  1. Once you are satisfied with how your TIN Provider is configured, you are ready to start validating vendors against IRS records through Mekorma. These fields can always be updated by following the steps on this page.
Last modified: June 13, 2023

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