Configure the global settings for your providers to establish the standards your providers will operate under. Access the Providers tab to get started. There are various degrees of sensitivity to which you can configure your Providers. This page will help you adjust your settings to meet your specifications.

  • To validate a vendor before a payment is released, ensure that Payment Level Checks Active is checked. Change how frequently this check is made by adjusting the number in the Validation Days Valid field. The Mekorma default is to run these checks every 90 days. Learn more about Payment Level Checks here.
  • If an error or warning is returned in the validation process (i.e., a match is found on the OFAC Sanctions List), payments may be set to hold, depending on your configurations. To receive notifications regarding payment status when a result is returned that is not OK, select your preferred Notification Template under Email Notification (Per Vendor).
  • Global Provider Settings allow you to define the level of sensitivity to which a vendor matches a result from the OFAC Sanctions List. By default, the Minimum Match Degree is set to 90%. This means that if there is a match of 90% or higher, an error will be flagged during the validation process. It is then necessary for you to review and confirm whether the vendor is present or not on the OFAC Sanctions List.

Adjusting Vendor Status Changes

Vendor Validation lets you maintain control of how the checks are run and the actions that are automatically taken afterwards. Configure the triggers for validation here.

  • Add each provider you would like by clicking the ADD PROVIDER button and selecting them one at a time from the drop-down menu. That provider is now configurable in the Providers grid.
  • Move Vendor Status On Warning and Move Vendor Status On Error allow you to toggle on/off to move a vendor’s status when a warning or error result is returned from the check.
  • Use Validation Warning Move Vendor and Validation Error Move Vendor to select the status that a warning or error result will yield.

See the next page for guidance on configuring your TIN Provider. If you are done configuring all your providers, you are ready to begin validating vendors with Mekorma.

Last modified: October 24, 2023

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