While it is good to audit your vendors on a regular basis, it is essential when onboarding new vendors. A validation audit helps ensure your vendors are legitimate and you get all the necessary information for your vendor record. Some AP teams choose to do this quarterly, so that if any vendors have errors or warnings, the AP specialists can follow up. Auditing your vendors shows the current status of your vendor record and overall cleanliness of your master data. A comprehensive review allows your organization to evaluate how and what information is stored and how robust your vendor record is.

When you first register with Acumatica, it is recommended that you audit your vendor record to show any gaps in data and proactively address any system issues. Perhaps most importantly, regular vendor audits show that you took reasonable action in avoiding business with unlawful vendors.

To view the validation information of all your vendors in one place, navigate to Mekorma Validation Audit.

Submitting New Audits

To start an audit:

  1. Click + to add a new record.

  1. Click New Audit.
  1. All your vendors now appear in the grid below. From here, you can select individual vendors to validate, or you can validate all vendors.

  • Provider Statuses shows the result of each validation check
  • Vendor Tax Number shows the TIN associated with a vendor
  • Vendor Current Status shows current vendor status (if they are active, on hold, inactive, etc.)
  • Last Validation Date is the last date the vendor was validated
  • Validation Status shows the current validation status of the vendor (OK, warning, error)
  1. When you are done reviewing your audit, click Submit to send the report for approval.

  1. The status of the audit is now changed from New to Pending Approval.

Approving/Rejecting Audits

When an audit report is submitted, it will be sent to a designated reviewer. To accept or reject a report:

  1. Open Mekorma Validation Audit. You will see all current audit reports and their associated status.

  1. Open a report that is pending approval. Click Approve or Reject.
  1. The report is now approved or rejected. The status is reflected in both the report and on the Validation Audit main screen.

Auditing Excluded Vendors

As mentioned in Excluding Vendors from Validations, you can exclude vendors from both specific providers and from all validation checks.

When a vendor is excluded from a specific provider (i.e., OFAC), the provider status in the audit record will still yield a result for OFAC but returns as excluded.

When a vendor is set to Exclude Vendor Check, meaning they are excluded from all checks, the vendor will still appear in the validation audit. In this scenario, the provider status is Vendor Excluded.

When excluding a vendor from validation, add a note in the audit record explaining the situation, the reason for exclusion, and any required actions. If you encounter a partial OFAC match and you confirmed the vendor is not on the OFAC Sanctions List (remember, a partial match with OFAC is not problematic), include evidence of the reasonable action you took. It is then up to your AP Manager to approve the audit.

Last modified: July 24, 2023

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