Release Notes for Mekorma Hotfix x88 released February 9, 2023.

Mekorma Payment Hub
  • Under Task-Based Security, both your name and the approval time are now displayed on posted payments in the Mekorma Audit Log.
  • We now create a necessary stored procedure for installs that also include Binary Stream Multi-Entity Management [MEM].
  • Mekorma Legacy Security users can now cancel a payment at any time, even after it has been sent for approval.
  • Batch statuses have been improved to display up-to-date approval status when running Task-Based Security.
  • When generating emails in the Task-Based Security approval process, approval emails are routed as expected.
  • Facility IDs can now be assigned to split batch. This allows MEM users to use Task-Based Security to select Split Batch in the Print Payment window.

Mekorma Power Approvals
  • PowerApprovals now caches your sessions, so you can navigate windows and payments and all your information will be saved.
  • The PowerApprovals application URL has been extended to 150+ characters to accommodate Microsoft changes.

Release Notes for Mekorma Build x88 released Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Mekorma Payment Hub
  • Mekorma Action Board
    • Process IDs had a limitation where Credit card batches could not be built with Check/EFT batches in one process. The user needed to set one process ID for Credit Card, and another process ID for checks and EFTs. That limitation has been fixed.
    • When the system was set up to print check copies in addition to checks, the Action Board was using the primary check format to print the check copies. It should have been using the check copy format configured with the checkbook on the MICR Check Setup window. This has been fixed.
    • When printing posting reports, the Action Board could not recognize the filepath name in GP posting setup if it was setup as a UNC path (i.e \\GPServer\Finanical\Posting report). This has been fixed.
    • Starting with Microsoft Dynamics GP 18.4, a change in Microsoft MFA processing occurred that was causing email requests from the Action Board to be disabled. This included both notifications sent to approvers and email remittances sent to vendors. This has been fixed.
  • Mekorma Action Board with MEM integration
    • In MEM environments, MEM users often have some Dynamics GP companies configured for MEM and some companies that do not use MEM. The Action Board was displaying batches only for the companies configured in MEM, even when all the companies were activated for the Action Board. This has been fixed.
    • With the MEM centralized process, the Action Board was reading setup information from the entity default checkbook even when the Process ID specified a different checkbook. So, when the entity default was not set up for EFT, and the Process ID checkbook was, the batch would get created as a check batch even when an EFT batch was requested. The issue is fixed for that scenario.
  • Security, Approvals and Signatures
    • Under some conditions, the approval error ‘Long Integer out of range error’ would occur in Task-based security. This has been fixed.
    • If a batch included $0 payments, the approver needed to approve them which was unnecessary. Now they are automatically approved.

Mekorma PowerApprovals
  • The app only allowed processing 500 pending approval payments at a time. If it exceeded the limit, it would throw an error of reaching 500 items limitation. The number of pending payments allowed has been increased to 5000.
  • When running the app under a browser, it showed an incorrect currency symbol when browser language was not ‘English (United States)’. This has been fixed.
  • In a dual-approval scenario, after the payment was approved by Approver1, the payment did not show on the 2nd approver’s ‘My specific Transaction’ view. This has been fixed.

Mekorma Invoice Capture
  • Under certain conditions, an invoice email has been processed successfully, but the user receives an error email notification saying “Email sent from xxx did not contain any apparent Invoice information which is confusing.”. This has been fixed and now the user received the notification “Invoices received from xxx”.


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Last modified: April 10, 2023

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