NEW PRODUCT RELEASE: Mekorma PowerApprovals

  • Approvers can now review, approve and reject payment transactions outside of Dynamics GP, using the Mekorma PowerApprovals mobile application. This product is an add-on to the Mekorma Payment Hub. Additional purchase required..
  • Find out about system requirements and requirements for installation/ configuration the application.

Mekorma Payment Hub

  • The Action Board is now available to all Mekorma customers. The Action Board can automate the batch building process using robotic processing. Payment batches for all your GP companies and checkbooks can be printed/ processed and posted, all within one window. Watch a short video demo, or if you’d like a personalized demo to learn how the Action Board could benefit your payment process, please request a time with one of our experts.
  • When upgrading to Mekorma build x80, existing (permanent) keys will be recognized as invalid upon GP startup:
    • ‘sa’ or a system administrator will be prompted to run Table Maintenance when upon login to GP. The Table Maintenance process will automatically run an ‘UpdateKey’ routine to retrieve a new set of keys.
    • The new keys remain valid during your current enhancement period.
    • If a key expires, ‘sa’ or system administrator will receive a warning message at GP login.
    • Non-sa users will not get the key expiry warning message at GP login, but Mekorma products will stop working until the maintenance fee is paid in full.
  • Administrators can now set up and edit User IDs and email addresses in the Approval Email Setup window, accessed from the Mekorma Security Setup window. This features allows Administrators to review and quickly set up users’ email settings, rather than giving instructions to each user on how to change their User Preferences.
  • A logo can now be added to individual checkbooks from within the Mekorma Checkbook Setup window. You can designate logo files to be accessible in one or more companies.
  • Signature files can now be assigned to more than one GP company in the Signature Library. Administrators no longer have to add the same signature file to each company that needs use of the signature.
  • The following links have been added to the Mekorma Area Page:
    • Manual Payments: Go to Transactions > Payables > Manual Payments
    • Mekorma MEM Connector for Payables Setup: Go to Setup > System > Mekorma MEM Connector for Payables Setup
  • Multi-Entity Management settings in the Payment Hub Action Board (navigated from Process Maintenance window) now lists entity /default checkbook relationship.
  • Pressing the F1 help key from any Mekorma window will now bring the user to our online user guide. A page of search results will be generated, with all actions you can perform within that window.
  • A reminder window has been added that advises authorized users when a new build of Mekorma software is available with the download link, plus options to be reminded at a later time.
  • Task-Based Security:
    • Voucher-level rejection is now available during the approval process. You are no longer required to reject the entire payment if only certain vouchers need to be rejected. Please Note: Voucher rejection will not appear on the MICR Reject report. The rejection reason will be attached to the note of the Voucher.
    • Approval email notifications have been improved: emails are sent to Approvers when the approval request is made; Requestors receive an email notification after the batch has been approved or rejected.
    • In the Enable Out-Of-Office Re-Route of Approval, it is now verified that an assigned Delegate has access to the Mekorma Approval Navigation List. If not, the user will receive a warning message.
    • When an Approver delegates their approval responsibilities to another user using the Enable Out-Of-Office Re-Route of Approval:
      • The original Approver will still receive an email notification as defined for their Mekorma User Preferences.
      • Under the Mekorma Approval navigation list, the Delegate can view and approve/ reject designated transactions by filtering under ‘My Specific Transactions’ and ‘All Transactions.’
      • If the original Approver’s signature is the default, their signature will be printed on the check.
      • The Delegate’s name will be displayed in the Approver column of the Mekorma Audit Log.
    • Quick messages now allow easy entry of reasons for rejecting a payment or voucher. Quick Messages can be configured by a system administrator in the Mekorma Security Setup window. Up to 10 batch rejection reasons per company can be configured, and the messages can be copied between companies. The messages will appear in a drop-down list when rejecting a payment on the Mekorma Approval list.
    • Approval Requests can now be canceled.
    • In the Security Setup window, for Purchasing and Payroll, the tree-view expands to show an informational list of all Users who have access to the Print Blank Checks windows..

Mekorma Enhanced Electronic Payments

  • Created the Implementation Assistant Utility app that allows the ePayment implementation team to quickly collect and send qualification information.
  • PDF copies are now supported for ePayments.
  • Vendors enrolled in the virtual card payment program may choose to set a limit on virtual card spend amount in the Enhanced ePayment Configuration window. Payments exceeding the virtual card amount limits will automatically process as either ACH or check by the ePayment service.
  • Invoices created for MEEP VENDOR are excluded from GP select checks process; however, they can be selected in the Edit Check Batch window. For MEM integration the MEEP VENDOR invoices are excluded in both Centralized and Decentralized processes.
  • You can now specify the payment process type for selected payments in a batch before the batch is sent for remote processing. From the Print Mekorma Payables Checks window, go to Additional > Payment Options.
  • *Added an automatic reminder that virtual card vendor invoices must be processed. with a link to reminders on the Mekorma area page under Inquiry > Purchasing.*__
  • The wording has changed in the Utilities, Enhanced ePayment area to read:
    • Send Vendor Master
    • Send Vendor Updates
    • Receive Vendor Updates
    • Receive All Vendor Info
  • The Enhanced ePayment Enrollment Status window has updated the options for Processing Type: Local, Check, EFT, Vcard.
  • ePayment, ACH and Positive Pay files are now organized by checkbook in the designated MEEP communications folder.
  • Added a reminder for New Payments, when users with the MEKORMA MEEP VCARD INV role log into GP.
  • A new report can be run from the Enhanced ePayments Payments window. The report can be filtered to include different payment types and date range by selecting the options on the window.
  • When sending an ePayment batch, if a Bank ID has not been assigned to the configured checkbook, an error report will print.
  • ePayments are now excluded from Safepay in Dynamics GP and the Action Board.
  • Added ability to drill into a payment in the Enhanced ePayment Vcard Invoices window.
  • Validation was added to ePayment Configuration: a user cannot remove a checkbook if a pending virtual card transaction is associated with that checkbook.
  • Added the Enhanced ePayment Vcard Status utility in the Enhanced ePayment Payment window, under Actions. This gives you the ability to change the status of a virtual card if it is out of sync with the ePayment portal.
  • Added customizable Comment Line fields to payment headers. This could be used to add a transaction description. Comment Lines can be changed by customizing the SQL script for MEEP_PaymentHeaderUserDefinedFields or MEEP_PaymentDefailUserDefinedFields.
  • At this time there is not an automated process for voiding or writing off pre-funded virtual cards. The user will need to manually create Payables Returns transactions for any money refunded by the virtual card vendor.
  • If Vendor Check Name field is empty when sending the vendor master file, it will use the Vendor Name field instead.
  • Created views to allow accounting users to preview (or review) payments to ePayment vendors.
  • It is recommended that the Vendor Combiner option not be used in companies using ePayments.

Last modified: January 15, 2021

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