Release Notes for Mekorma Build x86 released Monday, March 28, 2022

NEW! Mekorma Invoice Capture

We are happy to announce our new solution Mekorma Invoice Capture.

Reduce the tedious and manual effort of getting invoices into Dynamics GP without the complexity of a document management system! Supporting documents are interpreted with Microsoft AI Builder and attached to invoices automatically with DocAttach. This is a simple and streamlined system for automating invoice data entry, voucher creation and approvals.

Using Microsoft Dynamics GP and Mekorma together, you now have a complete end-to-end AP automation solution from Invoices through Payments. For information on how to set up and use Invoice Capture, see the Mekorma Invoice Capture User Guide.

Mekorma Payment Hub
  • Action Board:
    • Allows pre-printed check stock to be leveraged by the Action Board. The user may change the starting check number when printing each batch. Many Mekorma clients have wanted to implement the Payment Hub Action Board, b ut had previously made a large investment in pre-printed check. This new option that will pause the system between batches to allow them to change the check stock. This feature will allow you to make a graceful transition to blank check stock or remote payments without wasting your current inventory. More Info
  • Security Enhancements
    • In prior builds, if two approvers were required on a payment, any approver in either approval group 1 or approval group 2 could approve and the approvers could approve in any order. This change tightens up the workflow and imposes an order:
      1. The approvers in the first approval group are notified and an approver from that group must approve.
      2. The approvers in the second approval group are notified and an approver from that group must approve.
      3. if the same approval group is specified for first and second approver, then one person approves as the first approver, the remaining people are notified and one of the remaining people in the group must approve as the second approver.
    • Miscellaneous Checks have improved security rules.
    • Enhanced the feature of deleting unwanted and unused signatures. The ‘sa’ user may force the deletion of a signature.

Mekorma Remote Payment Services
With Mekorma Remote Payment Services, formerly known as Mekorma Enhanced ePayments, you can send your checks to an outsource payment service instead of printing them yourself. This both eliminates check printing and makes it easier for your vendors to convert to electronic payments, while keeping your Mekorma processes easy and familiar. In this release, its name was changed to be more clear. We also added some safety warnings to guide a Remote Payment Services user in correct procedures when voiding remote payments.

Mekorma PowerApprovals
Enhanced PowerApprovals for a user to see only companies where there are payments to approve.

This User Guide has been revamped! If you’ve been thinking about implementing an approval workflow, or fully automating your process with the Action Board, check out the new sections in the user guide that offer detailed scenarios. Nvoicepay is changing its product name to Corpay. Previous instances where Nvoicepay was mentioned in our software and user guide have since been renamed to Corpay.


Last modified: May 11, 2022

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