The Split Batch feature prevents entire batches from being held up when only some of the transactions require approvals.

  • If transactions within a certain threshold range do not need to be approved, those transactions can be placed into their own batch to continue through the workflow.
  • Transactions that do require approvals are split into separate batches according to threshold level and then go through the configured approval process.

How to Enable Split Batches with the Task-Based Security Model

When Task-Based Security is configured, you can split payables batches based on the threshold levels designated in the applied Threshold ID.

  1. Open the Mekorma Threshold Maintenance window.
  2. In the Threshold ID field, create a new Threshold ID or use the lookup to select an existing Threshold ID.
  3. Mark the checkbox labeled Split Batches.

    The split batch functionality will now activate and your batches will split by threshold level.

To see how split batches works when processing payments, click here.

How to Enable Split Batches with the Legacy Security Model

When Legacy Security is configured, you can split payables batches based on the option selected in the When to Require Passwords field under User ID security.

  1. Go the the Security Maintenance window.
  2. Be sure you have chosen to Set Passwords By: User ID
  3. In the Payables Approval Workflow fields, check the box next to Activate Workflow. Split Batches will automatically be enabled. If you want workflow without the split batch feature enabled, simply uncheck the box next to Split Batches.

Last modified: November 9, 2020

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