Once you have chosen Task-Based Security in the Security Setup window, and assigned Security Roles and Tasks to the desired Approvers, one or more Threshold IDs must be created and then assigned to a checkbook – this will enable a secure workflow process.

Watch the video below for an example of two Threshold IDs that enable secure approval workflow with signatures:

A Threshold ID allows you to save a series of threshold ranges, associated with User Task IDs and default signatures in the way that works best for your company. Threshold IDs are stored at the system-level, and can be assigned to checkbooks for cross-company use. Threshold IDs hold the logic that enables secure approval workflow to be applied to payment processes.

Example of a Threshold ID that enables secure approval workflow:

  1. Enter a name that identifies your configuration in the Threshold ID field (ex. AP_APPROVAL). Adding a description is *optional.
  1. Tab off the Threshold ID name. The From and To amount fields automatically populate from 0.01 to the maximum dollar amount.
  1. Create the first threshold by typing the upper limit in the To field. In the example below, the first threshold range is $0.01 – $500.00.
  1. It is possible to choose none, one, or two Approvers for each threshold range. Use the look-up to select the correct Approver Task ID.
  1. Continue to tab to the Default User Signature 1 field and use the look-up to choose the desired signature file for checks printed within that threshold range. This will open the Mekorma Signatures Files Lookup window.

    If you want a signature line to be printed in addition to or instead of a signature file, check the Signature Line box.

    1. There are two ways to add a signature: Signature assigned to a User ID, or a signature file that has been imported to the signature library but is not associated with a User ID.

      Signature Assigned to a User ID
      In the User ID view, select a signature assigned to a User ID.

      Signature File Only
      To change the view to Signature Files, click the dropdown and select Signatures.

      Now you can select a signature file from the signature library that is not associated with a User ID.
  1. When tabbing to the next line, the threshold will automatically readjust to the next possible monetary increment, so that there is never a dollar amount left out of your security configuration. In our example, for the second threshold, one Approver is needed along with her signature and a signature line. Karen is assigned as a Mekorma Approver Level 1 and her appropriate Task ID was chosen using the look-up:
  1. By tabbing to the next line in the window, the final threshold range is configured. This threshold goes up to the maximum amount. Mekorma Approver Level 2 is assigned by using the look-up; Ryan’s signature has been selected to print on checks within this final range; and, an additional signature line will printed for a handwritten signature by checking the Signature Line box only for Default User Signature 2.
Last modified: December 29, 2020

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