The Check Image Archive feature allows you to view and print an image of a posted check/ EFT remittance from the following Payables, US Payroll and Canadian Payroll windows:

  • Payables Payments Zoom
  • Payroll Check Inquiry
  • Payroll Transaction Inquiry
  • Canadian Payroll Inquiry
  • Miscellaneous Check Inquiry

For instructions on how to disable or auto-display the check preview, see this page.

The Check Image Archive uses the format specified in the Copy Stub field of the Mekorma MICR Check Printing screen at the time the check was printed. If no format was specified in the Copy Stub field, the format in the Check Stub field will be used.

Payables check images follow the rules of Mekorma MICR check copies and do not display the MICR Line, Signatures, or Signature Lines. They also contain the word VOID.

Access the Check Image Archive from Dynamics GP inquiry windows

  1. From the Mekorma Area Page, go to Inquiry > Transaction by Vendor or Transaction by Document.
  1. Choose the applicable vendor, highlight the check number you want to zoom to, and click the Voucher/Payment Number or Document Number hyperlinks.
  1. If the Auto Show Check Inquiry Preview option is checked on the System Options screen, the Payables Payment Zoom window will display with the check image located to the right.
  1. If the Auto Show Check Inquiry Preview option is disabled, select Additional > Show Inquiry Check Preview to display the check/ remittance image.

  1. To print the check/ remittance image, click the Print icon on the toolbar.

Access the Check Image Archive from the Mekorma Audit Log

The Check Image Archive can also be accessed directly from the Mekorma Audit Log window.

  1. Open the Mekorma Audit Log.
  1. Select the appropriate batch, using the filters as needed.
  1. Click on the Number of Checks link.
  1. Select the check or EFT payment you would like to view, and click on the Payment Number link.
  1. If you have already set up your System Options to Auto Display Check Image Preview, the archived document will automatically open to the right. Otherwise, you can open the Additional drop-down menu and choose Show Inquiry Check Preview. This will display the check or EFT remittance.

Last modified: December 17, 2020

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