You can set up print tasks on a system, company, or on a per-user basis for payments printed from the Action Board. For context, Action Board Setup will give you broader overview of the Action Board.

The Action Board’s automation capabilities require that a printer is pre-defined. Where proper functioning previously depended on GP’s Named Printers, now users can select/change default printers just prior to printing. This makes it particularly useful if you use redirected or session printing because printers can be selected right from the Action Board itself.

  • Action Board printer selection overrides Named Printers configuration.
  • When the Action Board printer selection is configured, user settings override company settings > company settings override System/Default printers.

Admin Printer Selection

To configure default Action Board printers, either for all companies or for specific companies the System Admin can do this setup in advance:

  1. Open the Action Board Setup window (Mekorma Area Page > Setup > System > Action Board Setup) and click on the Printers button. This will open the Action Board Printer Setup window.

  1. Select System/Default printers. To configure default Action Board printers for individual companies that override the system-level settings, follow the same steps except select a company, or choose multiple companies that should have the same printer assignments instead of selecting System/Default printers.
  1. Click on the Select Printers button to open the Printer Selection window.
  1. Using the drop-down in the column labeled Printer, choose the printer you’d like to designate for each needed printing task:
    • Check Printer—your actual checks.
    • Check Overflow—your remittances if you are using overflow pages. You could designate the same printer as checks but a different printer bin in order to get your checks and overflows to collate.
    • Copy Printer—non-negotiable check copies (but see PDF Check Archive for an electronic way of doing this).
    • Copy Overflow—remittance overflows for copies.
    • EFT Remittance—if an EFT remittance needs to be printed you can direct it elsewhere so that it doesn’t use check stock.

      You can also assign a Paper Bin in the second column.

  1. Save the settings. The default printer setting will then apply to all companies. When processing payments from the Action Board, checks and EFT remittances for all companies will print from the System/Default printer.

User-level printer selection

Users can configure their own printers directly from the Action Board itself, which makes it easy to choose the correct redirected or session printers prior to printing. User-level settings override both company and system-level settings:

  1. Open the Action Board and click on Options to open the Action Board Options window.
  1. In the Options window, click on Printers to open the Action Board Printer Setup window.
  1. By default, the User ID of the person currently signed in will populate the Printers set up for. Be sure that your User ID is selected if you want to configure your own printer settings. It’s also possible to choose ‘General’, which will apply the printer settings to all users.

  1. Choose either System/Default printer to apply your individual settings across all your GP companies. Or, choose one or multiple companies to customize the printer selection. Click the Select Printers button to open the Printer Selection window.
  1. You can adjust the company selection using the drop-down:

  1. Using the drop-down in the column labeled Printer, choose the printer you’d like to designate for the selected companies corresponding to each needed printing task (see above explanation).

  1. Save the settings. The printers specified will only apply to payments printed by that user, for the specific tasks configured. User settings will override Company and System/Default printer settings.
Last modified: January 4, 2022

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