Dynamics GP System Security Roles and Tasks are used to designate groups of Approvers and Authorizers.

The Difference Between Approvers and Authorizers

The word Approver or Authorizer is used depending on the workflow:

  1. Approver is used for individuals with authority to approve payments using the AP workflow. This workflow includes the ability for a Requestor to select batches and send them for approval. One or two Approvers can approve from a remote location and send them back. The Approval workflow includes notifications and out-of-office settings. An optional mobile app, PowerApprovals, is also available.
  2. Authorizer is used for individuals with the authority to approve Payroll batches. With Authorization, there is no notification workflow. The Authorizers approve by typing in their user ID and password at the time the payroll batches are printed.

Mekorma Task and Role IDs Work in Pairs

Task IDs and Role IDs are used in two different contexts, but there is a one-to-one correspondence between them:

  1. Role IDs are assigned to users.
  1. Task IDs are assigned to dollar-value ranges of a Threshold ID in the Mekorma security system

A User can Approve a particular dollar-value range when their Role ID matches that level’s Task ID assignment.

Mekorma-Supplied Task and Role IDs Have Generic Names

Mekorma-Supplied Task and Role IDs have generic names as shown here:

You could potentially create your own roles and tasks for the security system. For simplicity, the rest of this guide will assume that you are using the Mekorma-Supplied Task and Role IDs.

Assign the Roles to Users

To assign the Roles to Users:

  1. Open the GP User Security window (GP Administration module > Tools > Setup > System > User Security).
  1. Choose the User, the appropriate company (Fabrikam), and the correct Role ID to ensure that the user is able to perform the corresponding security task.
  1. The associated Task IDs can be used to configure the desired dollar-value level in the Threshold ID for the Approval (Payables) or Authorization (Payroll) system.
Last modified: January 4, 2022

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