Decide whether to Assign Checkbooks to Vouchers or to Vendors

Some companies need to ensure that certain invoices are paid from certain checkbooks. This happens often in the non-profit sector if they have an operating checking account for some payments and another account for making grant payments. Or perhaps it is a property management company that pays each invoice out of a specific checkbook based on the property.

You can assign Payables invoices, POP Shipment/Invoices and POP invoices to checkbooks using the Assign by Checkbook option available from the Additional menu on transaction entry screens.

When you assign checkbooks to vendors it is to ensure that ALL the invoices for certain vendors are paid by a specific checkbook. So, using one of the examples above, it is possible that if you were a non-profit paying grants, a vendor receiving a grant would never be paid from the operating account. In that case, you can designate a vendor checkbook right on the GP Vendor Maintenance screen rather than having to specify checkbooks for each voucher.

Note that trying to Assign Checkbooks by both Vendor and Invoices would lead to unpredictable results. So, before configuring, choose which method you plan to use.

Enable Assign by Checkbook

For either type of assignment, the feature must be enabled to take effect.

  1. Open the Mekorma System Options window (Mekorma Area Page > Setup > System > System Options).
  1. In the Assign by Checkbooks Options section, mark the box next to Enable Assign by Checkbook.

Once this feature is enabled, you can Select Vouchers by Voucher Checkbook ID or Select Vouchers by Vendor Checkbook ID during the batch building process.

Setup Default checkbook by Vendor

To set this up, all you need to do is include a Checkbook ID on the Vendor Master screen for each of your vendors (Mekorma Area Page > Cards > Payables > Vendor > Options).

Setup Default checkbook by Invoice

If you decided to Assign Checkbooks by Invoice, you can designate a checkbook on each and every voucher. The additional two settings shown here are shortcuts that you may be able to use to default for most vouchers, depending on how you have divided your workflow between team members or batches. This can save you data entry keystrokes!

Default checkbook from Invoice Batch

When you start create a voucher batch, you can designate a checkbook with that batch. In general, the checkbook assigned to the batch will be automatically assigned to all of the vouchers in the batch. So you will not need to purposely designate a checkbook with each voucher unless you want to override the default. You could easily create a different batch for each checkbook so that you never have to think about specifically assigning the checkbooks to each voucher.

Default checkbook from Users

There is an optional setup feature for Assign by checkbook that allows default checkbooks to be assigned on a per-user basis. This is useful if you have different users designated for each checkbook but perhaps the users are sharing batches. If a user has a default, they can just enter all of their invoices without having to think about what checkbook to assign them to. Please note: the default checkbook for the user will override the default checkbook assigned to a batch.

  1. Open the Mekorma Assign by Checkbook window (Mekorma Area Page > Setup > Purchasing > Mekorma Assign by Checkbook).
  1. Click into the Default ID field for a user.
  1. Use the look-up to select the appropriate checkbook.

  1. Repeat this step for all users needing default checkbook assignments.
  1. Click OK to save.
Last modified: January 4, 2022

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