Setup for individual users

Users assigned to Approver or Authorizer security roles can configure their own email and text notification requirements for optimal workflow: You must have email functioning in GP for notifications to work.

  1. Login and open the Mekorma User Preferences window (any GP User can do this to configure their own notification preferences).
  1. Enter a valid email address in the E-mail Address field.
  1. Enter a valid text number in the Text Number field.
  • The number must be in the following format: Please check with your mobile provider to verify the correct format for sending texts via email or computer. (ex.
  1. Select the type of notification needed
  • Check the box Request Notification for Approval if you want to be notified that your approval or authorization has been requested.
  • Checking the box Notify me after others Approve/Authorize will ensure that if you are the second Approver for a threshold level, you will be notified after the first Approver has approved the transaction.

Administrators: Set up multiple users

As of Mekorma Build x80, system administrators have the power to setup email notifications for any User involved in the approval process. Approvers can set up their own email/ text notifications in their User Preferences window (see above), but as an added convenience, an admin user can set it up initially for all Approvers.

  1. Log in as system administrator.
  1. Open the Mekorma Security Setup window.
  1. Click on Approval Email Setup.

  1. For each GP User ID you would like to assign an email address to, enter the correct email address, and check the box in the Email column. This effectively links a GP User ID to an email address. You must enter a unique email for each User. The following rules will apply:
  • An Approver will receive an email when payments falling in the threshold range require approval.
  • The Requestor will get an email when:
  1. Depending on how your threshold levels are configured, some payments may require two approvals before they can be processed. Mark the box in the column labeled ‘2nd’ if an Approver only wants to receive notifications after those payments have been taken care of by the first Approver.

  1. Adminstrators can expand the rows by clicking on the chevron arrows:

This allows them to view (but not configure) any out-of-office delegations the user has configured. Each GP user will still need to go to their own User Preferences (as described above) to configure both out-of-office delegates and text notifications. Administrators cannot perform those functions for other users.

  1. Click OK to close the window.
Last modified: December 18, 2020

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