The Vendor Class Security feature provides the flexibility to customize Mekorma’s security settings on a per Vendor Class basis. This feature is supported under Mekorma Legacy Security by Checkbook ID and User ID, as well as Task-Based secure approval workflow.

The rules configured for vendor security override the basic security model that you have setup. For example, if security is set to Checkbook ID, Vendor Class Security settings override the checkbook’s Signature ID settings.

Vendor Class Security configured with Legacy User ID

  1. Open the Mekorma MICR Vendor Class Security Setup window. Each of your existing vendor classes will be displayed.
  1. The Default Security option is taken from the current configuration on the Mekorma MICR Security screen for User ID security. To select a different security configuration, click the drop-down arrows next to When to Require Passwords and When to Require Signatures.
  1. To set a threshold value, enter an amount in the Payables Threshold column. For example:

Vendor Class Security configured with Legacy Checkbook ID

If you are using Security by Checkbook ID, the Vendor Class Security settings only influence what signatures print, and not what passwords are required. Password settings are always pulled from the Signature ID associated with the checkbook.

  1. Open the Mekorma MICR Vendor Class Security Setup window. Each of your existing Vendor Class IDs will be displayed.
  1. Click in the Signature ID column next to the Class ID you want to associate the signature logic with.

  1. Click the lookup icon next to the Signature ID link to open the Signature Setup Lookup screen.
  1. Select an existing Signature ID or click New to create a new ID.

  1. The Signature ID is now associated with the Class ID. Click OK to close the Mekorma MICR Vendor Class Security Setup screen.
  1. The Signature ID security configuration is applied to all vendors associated with the specified Class ID.
Last modified: November 22, 2019

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