Mekorma Approvers must approve transactions within their designated threshold levels before checks/ EFTs can be printed and processed; Mekorma Batch Authorizers must authorize pending batches before the batches can be printed/ processed.

Approve Payment Transactions

  1. To complete approval tasks, Approvers must navigate to the Mekorma Approval List.
  1. When using Task-Based security, transactions can be viewed using the following filters:
  • All Transactions: displays all transactions needing approval whether they are in the user’s threshold range or not. The user will not be able to approve transactions of a greater amount than their assigned threshold level.
  • Approvable Transactions: displays payment transactions within or below the user’s assigned threshold range, all of which that user has the ability to approve.
  • My Specific Transactions: displays the transactions specifically assigned to the user (those transactions within her designated threshold range).
  • By Batch: displays all transactions within the user’s threshold level grouped together by batch.
  1. Individual vouchers can be reviewed by clicking the box next to a payment, then on the Payment Vouchers button. This will display a list of all vouchers contained within that payment transaction, along with the document number and amount.
  1. To zoom in on payment details, double-click on the voucher to open the Payment Transaction Entry Zoom window.
  1. If using docattach or a similar 3rd party plug-in that integrates with the inquiry window, the image of the corresponding invoice can be accessed within the Entry Zoom window. Select the note for a voucher, the relevant image, then click Preview.
  1. Return to the approval window to approve transactions by marking the check boxes next to each payment and clicking on Approve. If a transaction requires a second approval, the Status will display as Pending 2nd Approval and will only be available for printing/ processing once the second Approver performs this same action.
  1. If instead you want to reject a payment, select the vendor payment that contains the incorrect payment, and choose Reject. A window will open to allow the entry of a reason for the rejection.
  1. The user who requested approval will be notified by email or text of the approvals and rejections that occurred once completed, as long as email/ text notifications are configured properly. All payment batches that have been approved can then be printed/ processed and once the payments have been posted, they’ll automatically be available in the Mekorma Audit Log Report.

Authorize Batches

  1. After receiving notification of batches pending authorization, Authorizers must navigate to the Mekorma Batch Status List.

  1. After reviewing the list, mark the check boxes next to each batch and click Authorize to allow for continued processing.
Last modified: November 7, 2019

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